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Root Canal Treatment

In the past, dentists had no other choice but to extract severely damaged teeth. But, with root canal treatment, restoring these teeth is now possible. Now, millions of teeth are saved through this procedure. 

When Do You Need Root Canal Treatment?

To understand the root canal treatment, it helps to learn about the anatomy of the tooth. The protective surface is called the enamel. Underneath the enamel is a hard layer called the dentin, and under that is a soft tissue called the pulp. This tissue contains nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue, helping your tooth’s root to grow during development. 

Due to several factors such as deep decay, tooth cracks, trauma, poorly fitted crowns or repeated dental procedures, the pulp may be infected and inflamed. If left alone, this infection could cause an abscess and or toothache. To save the tooth and prevent these problems, root canal treatment is necessary. 

How Does Root Canal Treatment Work? 

Root canal treatment removes the infected and inflamed pulp, and thoroughly cleans the inside of the tooth. After the procedure, the dentist will place a crown or a filling to protect the tooth from further damage. 

At all costs, we want to save your natural tooth and restore efficient chewing, normal biting pressure and natural appearance. Root canal treatment makes all of these possible again and protects even the neighbouring teeth from wear and strain. If taken care of properly, teeth that have had root canal treatment can increase their longevity. 

At Eden Dental Centre, our aim is to bring back your mouth’s optimal health and give you a confident smile again. To know more about our root canal procedure, contact us today.