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Porcelain & Composite

Are you suffering from a chipped tooth? Does one of your front teeth have a different colour than the rest? If that is the case, veneers can be an option for you. Eden Dental offer a range of dental veneers to Auckland customers wanting to restore or recolour their teeth.

A veneer is a custom-made layer of porcelain used to fit over the tooth’s surface. A great alternative to porcelain is a tooth-coloured composite material. With these thin porcelain shells, you can improve the teeth’s appearance. We can use composite and porcelain; both options will be discussed upon consultation with our dentists. 

Veneers are used to fix a number of problems in your teeth, including discolouration, cracks, misalignment and gaps in between teeth. 

What are the Advantages of Veneers?

Veneers have a range of benefits. First, they are resistant to stain, so patients do not have to be extra careful when drinking soda or coffee. Since they are custom-made to cover the teeth’s surface, they look natural. The change will almost be invisible, apart from the newly improved smile. 

Moreover, the gum tissue responds well to veneers, enabling them to change the tooth’s colour and shape with relatively less effort. Unlike other procedures, veneers do not take a lot of shaping prior to the procedure. 

How Can We Help?

As part of our cosmetic dentistry treatments, Eden Dental Centre offers veneers in Auckland to improve and regain our patient's natural smile. We leave it in the hands of our highly experienced cosmetic dentists, who will begin the process with a thorough assessment of your teeth. 

Once they establish the best course of treatment, they can prepare your teeth for the procedure, which involves the removal of about ½ mm of the tooth’s enamel. Depending on your situation, veneers can be used to repair a single problematic tooth or a whole set of teeth.  

To know more about our procedure, you can arrange an appointment so our dentists can make a detailed diagnosis and determine the best course of action. Contact us today for a consultation.