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Oral Health Therapist

Dental Hygienist Services at Eden Dental Centre

An Oral Health Therapist is a dental professional who specialises in the removal of tartar or calculus from your mouth. Tartar forms from the hardening of plaque, a colourless film of bacteria forming on the surface of the teeth. When plaque is not removed by regular blushing and flossing, it calcifies into tartar and attaches to the teeth’s enamel and root. Plaque and tartar are among the major factors contributing to several dental conditions, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Unfortunately, they will not stop at that. If left untreated these problems can snowball into tooth nerve infections, periodontitis and eventually, jaw bone loss.

Visiting our Auckland dental hygienist regularly is recommended for anyone trying to maintain healthy, clean mouth. At Eden Dental Care, we use a state-of-the-art, non-contact device for cleaning and maintenance.  This means you can benefit from stain-free, clean teeth with less discomfort, and keep dental diseases at bay .  Find out more about EMS Airflow®.

What Can Our Oral Health Therapist Do For You? 

Our Mt Eden dental hygienist can provide advice on how to fine-tune your homecare to stop unhealthy habits, such as irregular brushing and eating the wrong kinds of food. She will also make sure that your brushing and flossing practices are as prescribed. Moreover, your teeth and gums will be screened for early signs of gum disease.

To thoroughly remove existing deposits of scale, plaque and stain, she will perform professional cleaning, using the latest technology and techniques to ensure the best results. After the procedure, you will achieve a polished, cleaner mouth and fresher breath.
If there is one thing that preventive dentistry understands best, it is that prevention is always better than cure.

To effectively preserve oral health, follow the oral hygiene practices prescribed by our dentists, and set up a cleaning appointment with Eden Dental Centre today.